The Noah’s Ark (Or so be it ) ~ Deep into East of Turkey


The Noah’s Ark (Or so be it ) ~ Deep into East of Turkey

And the story begins with a Great Flood.

When it rained for forty days and forty nights , God (citation needed) instructed Noah to build an ark and

bring his family and each pair of all animals in the world with him in a specially made boat.

” And Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord” – Genesis 6:8 Read more

The Ghost Who Lives High, snow leopard

snow leopard

“They wait for the twilight to betray themselves. Armed with lethal weapons they attack quietly on unassuming grazers in semi darkness, with ruthless precision and predatory power. The enemy is killed and consumed”.

The night was setting in on our high altitude campsite at Thachungtse, Ladakh. All the tired feet were ready for a dinner. Couple of semi-wild yaks in the near horizon and a troop of blue sheep high on the opposite mountain slopes, no one imagined that the stage was set for a predatory intervention. The big cat, the holy guardian of the land was watching us and especially the blue sheep. Read more

Climbing Annapurna, The Killer Mountain

Climbing Annapurna, The Killer Mountain.

Mountains have always mystified mankind. Venerated as gods and goddesses, worshipped through centuries, they continue to challenge man’s indomitable spirit to conquer nature. The great mountaineer Mallory, asked why he wanted to climb the world’s highest mountain, gave his legendary answer: “Because it is there!” The reality is that he gave his life in the attempt. Among the peaks that have claimed more human lives than others the most lethal has been Annapurna-1, infamous among mountaineers as the Killer Mountain. Yet attempts to conquer its summit continue to this day …

On the morning of 17th May, 2010 the news spread like wildfire. Everest had been conquered by India’s First Civilian Bangali mountaineers – Basanta Sinha Roy and Debashish Biswas – both members of the Mountaineer’s Association of Krishnanagar. Basanta works for the Punjab National Bank, while Debashish is an Income Tax Officer.Just a year later, on 20th May 2011, they again became the first Indian civilian team to reach the third highest peak in the world – Kanchenjungha, famous as the Mountaineer’s Mountain. Read more

When Fantasy Turns Real, climbing Mount Everest

When Fantasy Turns Real, the story of climbing Mount Everest.

Could God be called an artist? Or are these mountains entirely accidents of Nature? How could one account for these mountains sculpted into such wondrous shapes? How is it that man’s wonderment of their magnitude goes along with his appreciation of such breathtaking views? The mesmerizing beauty and magnificence of the Himalayas cannot be captured in words that remain forever inadequate.

Mount Everest. Peak fifteen in the vast Himalayan mountain range. In terms of measurement it is a mind-boggling 8,848 meters. Since the middle of 19thcentury this has been known to be the highest point of the world. For the 100 years that followed intrepid and adventurous men tried to climb this peak. Eventually, after many failures, it was Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary who were the first mountaineers to reach the summit. Yet human endeavour remained unsatisfied by the first success. Read more

Why Should You Try ‘Local’ Cuisine?

Why Should You Try ‘Local’ Cuisine? In recent years, we have witnessed a social phenomenon around a hobby. “Traveling” is the new public obsession. That’s the word in the market. And social media, in its humble way, has already marked travelers to be the new “cool”. And as expected, in India, there has been a surge of travelers or even better put, ‘wanderlust’ – the urge to see new places. All this is extremely heartening and encouraging, as travelling is indeed an institution in its own – all forms of life’s education rolled into an experience that builds perspective. Traveling, without a doubt, is a great hobby (and, where applicable, profession).

Read more

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