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Tree Plantation At School Of Birds ’16

The school of birds

Where ?

Chnadra village in Bankura district of West Bengal, India.


Figure 1: A frame from life at Chnadra village

The plantation was done at the homes of the 52 children who fall under the wings of School of Birds, a RockyFeet initiative that started in January 2016. Each child was given the responsibility to nurture one plant indigenous to the region.


Figure 2:Children after being handed the saplings for plantation

The work was carried out in association with “Kalyan Sangha”, an institute dedicated towards the welfare of the village, its people,their nutition and health, preservation of their culture and traditions and primarily educating the young minds.

How To Reach ?

The nearest railway station from the village is at Chhatna (CJN),West Bengal, about 15 kms away from the village.


Figure 3: Chhatna Railway Station


When ?

The plantation was carried out during our visit at the “Kalyan Sangha” campus on 10th and 11th September 2016.

Why ?

  1. Plants and trees are the lungs of our planet as they play the major role in the Oxygen balance in the atmosphere. Forests around the world create micro-climates of their own which in turn help determine the earth climatic patterns.
  2. The growing conflict between Man and Nature has led to reduced forest cover throughout our planet to accommodate for increasing requirement of land for human civilization. This has led to immense loss in biodiversity, damaging the ecological balance that humans are also a part of.
  3. The devastating effects of deforestation around the planet can be felt in shifting climatic patterns, global warming and natural calamities like floods and droughts, undoubtedly man-made. The effects of these calamities are felt by humans and animals alike.
  4. During this dire need of environment the Rocky Feet Society resolved to plant one tree per traveler who travelled with us in our exploratory ventures.

What is School of Birds?

The Idea:

The idea behind School of Birds is to introduce the miraculous natural world to the children with birds and birdwatching leading them to its gates. It is evident that the natural world has suffered bad consequences of rapid humanization of our planet and it is upon us to right our wrongs. The broader aim of the project is to plant seeds of consciousness towards the natural world, in all its richness and to lay the path towards conservation as a way of life.


Figure 4: The children under the wings of ‘School of Birds’

The Action Taken:

We started working at Chandra village, right next to the lonely hillock of Susunia from Jan 2016. In all our visits to the “Kalyan Sangha” campus, we showed wildlife documentaries on birds from around the globe. Field trips were conducted on each occasion in and around the “Kalyan Sangha” campus green with indigenous vegetation. The children were introduced to the ethics of birdwatching on the field.




Figure 5: A session of birdwatching within the ‘Kalyan Sangha’ campus.

The children under the wings of School of Birds have grown from a count of 12 in January 2016 to 52 in August 2016. The number of species of birds we could find in and around the campus stands at 70 till August 2016.

Why choose School of Birds for the Plantation endeavor?

Birds and trees are bonded for eternity. Birds feed nectar, fruits, sap and even leaves of plants and trees and help trees in pollination and then in the dispersal of seeds to give rise to a new generation of these essential pieces of the puzzle i.e. life on Earth.

The 52 children already associated with School of Birds were chosen for the Tree Plantation venture in order to tie up the whole endeavor together and create a wholesome idea of the course that they are undergoing.


Figure 6: A common Iora (Photik jol), a common resident within the campus.

What Trees Were Planted ?

  1. Piyal (Buchanania lanzan)- 11 nos.An evergreen tree with a straight, cylindrical trunk.Common throughout India in dry or moist deciduous forests or in semi-evergreen forests
  2. Mahua (Madhuca longifolia) – 13 nos. This is an Indian tropical tree found largely in the central and north Indian plains and forests.
  3. Jamun or Java Plum or Malabar Plum(Syzygium cumini) – 10 nos. This is an evergreen tropical tree in the flowering plant family Myrtaceae. Syzygium cumini is native to the Indian Subcontinent and adjoining regions of Southeast Asia.
  4. Amloki or Gooseberry ( Ribes uva-crispa) – 11 nos. It is a species of Ribes.It is native to Europe, northwestern Africa, west, south and southeast Asia.
  5. Papaya(Carica papaya)7 nos.Papaya, a tropical fruit tree, is native to Central and northern South America and has become naturalized throughout the Caribbean Islands, Florida and several countries of Africa. Additional crops are grown in India, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and the U.S. state of Hawaii.

All the above trees are indigenous to the region.

Who Funded This Endeavor ?

This endeavor was funded by each and every enthusiastic traveler and adventure lover who traveled with RockyFeet and joined hands in the motto ‘Travel For A Cause’.

List of Travelers Contributed by Traveling With Rocky Feet

Our First 52 Travellers and now a part of Rocky Feet Family.

Ladakh On WheelsJun-15Satyabrata Roy
Ladakh On WheelsJun-15Doyel Mahata Roy
Ladakh On WheelsJun-15Prasenjit Dey
Ladakh On WheelsJun-15SataDeepa Dey
Manali To Leh BikingJun-15Rahul
Manali To Leh BikingJun-15Pakaj
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Anie Kuriakose
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Chandrasekhar Reddy Chintam
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Sudhakar Nusum Reddy
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Shobha S
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Madhusudhan Jayathirtha
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Rekha Bothalapalli
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Saritai Sai
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Susanta Patra
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Alina Majumdar
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Srikanth Kancharla
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Supriya Bhaskar
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15You Rajesh
Mudumalai Nation ParkJul-15Amit
Ladakh On WheelsAug-15Debolina Roy
Stok Kangri Base Camp And SummitSep-15Alberto
Stok Kangri Base Camp And SummitSep-15Ramaiah
Stok Kangri Base Camp And SummitSep-15Abhishek
Kudremukh TrekOct-16Swapnadeep Nayak
Kudremukh TrekOct-16Debarun Guha Thakurta
Goecha La TrekNov-16Arun valvanoor
Goecha La TrekNov-16Arijit Basu
Kudremukh TrekDec-15Nikita Shrote
Kudremukh TrekDec-15Saroj Sahoo
Kudremukh TrekDec-15Kritika Rastogi
Kudremukh TrekDec-15Manisha Singh
Kudremukh TrekDec-15Himanshu Sharma
Kudremukh TrekDec-15Sudhanshu
Kudremukh TrekDec-15Vaibhav Gupta
Kudremukh TrekDec-15Debdeep Das
Gokarna Beach TrekJan-16Rakhesh Shaw
Gokarna Beach TrekJan-16Gairav Vatsa
Gokarna Beach TrekJan-16Palash Kundu
Chadar TrekJan-16Alivia Biswas
Chadar TrekJan-16Amit Bikram Jana
Chadar TrekJan-16Surva Sarkar
Chadar TrekJan-16Ashok Kumar Sureka
Har Ki DunMar-16Rohit Bhattacharya
Har Ki DunMar-16Bijeta Chakraborty
Har Ki DunMar-16En Chiang Lee
Har Ki DunMar-16Ramesh Raithatha
Har Ki DunMar-16Mimi
Nishani MotteApr-16Randy Herzog
Nishani MotteApr-16Thibaut LaBarre
KeergangaApr-16Samik Ghosh
KeergangaApr-16Anamitra Ruj
KeergangaApr-16Somasish Ghosh


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Tree Plantation Drive 8
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Chnadra village

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