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The concern

Whether you live in an urban area or a rural area, human activity is almost certainly going to cause environmental degradation. The path to decreasing the detrimental effects of our actions and indeed replenishing the ecosystems that have already been affected adversely is through increasing awareness about our natural heritage. Only then can we form an informed opinion on what is the right approach to solving a lot of the current environmental issues.


Approach Solution

Our aim is to tie up nature with children’s sensibilities, because they are the foundation and the future of any community. What better way to do that than to introduce them to its aesthetics in the classroom where they spend much of their time? Once they appreciate the beauty of nature, they are far more likely to want to preserve it for its intrinsic value. We wish to encapsulate the students’ own observations and imaginations about their natural environment in one piece of art and paint it on the wall of a classroom.


We shall start with a pilot program as a part of the awareness wing of the SWM Model Village On The Shores Of Sundarbans  project. This is a collaborative effort with The Mitra Society  which has been working in Lakshmipur and Bishnupur to improve Government Primary Education and also the quality of lives of the locals by employing them to teach the children. The school that has selected for this project is Bishnupur Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalay in the Bishnupur village in the fringes of Sunderbans.

Step 1:

We will hold a sit and draw event in the school, the theme being nature. There will be no prize or ranking of these pictures as such. The pictures will be displayed in an exhibition in the school premises. The paintings will be collected for further actions.

Step 2:

The paintings collected from the schools will be used by a pool of voluntary artists to draw inspiration from and create a comprehensive composition with elements from each of them. The objective will be to highlight some of the components of a healthy ecosystem and multiple habitats. The paintings will then be framed.

Step 3:

Once the composition is made, they will be painted on the walls of the schools, covering an area of roughly 150 sq. ft. with the help of the students. During this process we will try to engage in a discussion with the students and the teachers about biodiversity, multiple habitats and the interrelationships between species in an ecosystem. At the end of each session, the framed pictures will be presented to the students.


Expected Outcome

This project is designed to prime children to appreciate nature. The painting can be used as a teaching tool to inform the students about many aspects of nature. But most importantly, this is a stepping stone which can be used to launch further conservation related efforts. After all, a group of motivated “green volunteers” can achieve of a lot in the future.

Venue Details

The villages are near Dhruba bajar bus stop. From there its a short van ride to the Lakshipur Ghat, and a two minute ferry ride to the twin villages Lakshipur and Bishnupur.

One can get to Dhruba bajar by bus or train.
For the train route, one has to get on any train from Sealdah bound for Lakshipur or Namkhana or Kaakdwip and get down at Lakshmipur. From near platform 1, one has to get on a bus bound for Ramganga and get off at Dhrubabajar around two hours later.

For bus route, one has to get on a bus to Ramganga from  Bhutal Paribahan Nigam Bus Stop at Dharamtala,Kolkata. It will take 4 and helf hours to reach Dhruba bajar.

Volunteers Wanted

We require a pool of painters who would like to be associated with this project. All expenses and materials will be provided.

Donations Wanted

We require your assistance to generate funds for this project.So please donate through this website.


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