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Ichamati, a trans-boundary river

Ichamati river at Taki

I reached Taki on 31st December 2017.  There was no decisive purpose to travel or a destination to reach. But a few words to connect. Bangladesh, Ichamati and Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, these 3 words were enough to get lost within me on a year-end afternoon. Today’s world near the river is truly far from the painting, has been drawn by one of the finest craftsmen of Bengali literature Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay in his novel ‘Ichamati’. But it is not so hard for one who read him once. In my childhood, he taught me the power of imagination. A tool to travel the unknown world and the time with your untamed mind. So, in my 1st blog of 2018, a year-end, time, river, the novel, the partition, Bibhutibhusan and much more is creating an anarchy. I let them flow as imagination or a river goes on. And I wish all of you a green, calm and untamed new year on this beautiful planet. let’s welcome 2018.

taki rajbari

There is no end, my friend.  Nor a beginning. Moment after moment, year after year, time flows. Time unites people. Time divides too. Science says time is just a dimension. The way our river Ichamati has length, breadth and depth; It has time. Again, as you walk along the river bank from the origin to the ocean, you can travel the time too. Science is making progress alike light. That time is not so far when on an upcoming new year eve, you will experience the time travel with your family just like a 3D movie. On a button click, just after few ads, you will start experiencing the magic of a time machine. The spreading roots of a living banyan tree are disappearing from the ruins of old zamindari house Thakurdalan (a pavilion or arena of worship). Those destroyed walls and pillars, which has never seen before any of the new generation, is reconstructing with all it’s intricate art and artefacts in front of your senses. It will be in such a minute detail that you are not even going to miss the quintessence of an old essence stick burning in the Tulsi Mancha at the centre of the courtyard. I get goosebumps in wonder. I am scared too, mechanization to the imagination.  The thoughts of the experience of a time machine took me far from the noises of multiple loudspeakers playing music cheerfully at the year-end parties in front of the river Ichamati.

taki rajbari banyan tree

Taki rajbari banyan tree

Today at this junction, time is blending into the river. Ichamati is coalescing into the time. Still, the invisible division remains. Ichamati is the division between the very same people on both sides of the river. The history, the deeply rooted culture within them is waiting. Maybe for a new mechanism or an old idealism to arise.

River unites people. The river divides too. River teaches you, there is neither an end nor a beginning, but an ongoing process with all her wisdom and experiences, instilled in us.

Ichamati River is a trans-boundary river which flows through India and Bangladesh and also forms the boundary between the two countries. The river is facing the problem of siltation leading to the thin flow of water in the dry season and floods in the rainy season. Experts are handling the situation and remedial matters are being discussed between the governments of India and Bangladesh. The political border of 2 countries is just a 10 mins boat ride away from here, in Taki.

Ichamati Bangladesh border

Ichamati Bangladesh border

From Taki Rajbari Ghat, You can avail a boat ride in Ichamati river and view the Bangladesh Border as close as you can’t imagine. I found the destination as a perfect day out from Kolkata. But one wants to stay for a night, may venture out the following links; Amrapali Gust House OR a few other Staying options at Taki.

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