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RIP : The Aryan Myth ~ Welcome to the Genetic era of Human History

Human Migration 

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With Gene Technology making its presence felt – Many History Primarily based of Folklore , Legends , Literature & Classical Anthropological Tools Needs a Critical Revision.We Are Not Too Old To Forget the Aryan Theory that we knew from our School Books.

Generally the Aryan Theory Wrecked Havoc in The World Politics & History ~ Even Today It occupies our Imagination.

But After Reading This , dear Reader you will know something That will prove all you know about Indians are Utter Nonsense. Let’s keep the Format like a Q&A for the time being :

Q : Who are the Aryans?

A :  As told in school books :

      1. Invaders from Western Europe.

      2. Speaks Indo-European language ( Sanskrit , Hindi…. ) 

      3. Invaded Indian sub-continent  around 1500 BC. 

      4. Destroyed Indus Valley Civilization


Q : So Who are Descendants of Aryans?

A :  As told in school books : Ancestral North Indians(ANI) who speak Indo-European (aka Indo-Iranian) languages.


Q : Who are the other people in India ?

A : Ancestral South-Indians (ASI) who predominantly speak Dravidian language and apparently has no Connection with anyone outside of Sub-continent.


Q : So Coming to The Point – Do Aryans Really Exist?

A : Apparently the Aryan we thought invaded sub-continent around 1500 BC. ,DID NOT INVADE AT ALL – Because ‘They Were Already There’.


Q : Please Elaborate.

A : ANI(Ancestral North Indian) & ASI(Ancestral South Indian) are of two distinct origin.

ANI people with a high percentage of West-Eurasian Gene , ASI poeple with Gene that are not found similar to any genetic group outside Sub-continent.

Last 10 years comprehensive study of Mt-DNA (Mitochondrial DNA ) Y-chromosome and very recent Whole-Genome Study has made the scientific community to converge on below points –

  1. ANI people diverged from West-Eurasian gene at least 12,500 years ago.
  2. ANI people probably moved in into Sub-continent about 8000 – 9000 years BP(Before Present). 
  3. ASI people on the contrary were living in sub-continent for a long time – around 40,000 years. They were the first people to colonize the Sub-continent. 


Populating Sub-Continent

Populating Sub-Continent

Picture Courtesy : The origins of Indians What our genes are telling us. – BY SRINATH PERUR


Q : So How Distinct are ASI & ANI Genes Today?

A : There was a big admixture of ANI & ASI Genes around 1900 – 4200 BP (Before Present). This Admixture Time Strangely enough coincides with the fall of Indus valley civilization. 

This Time period of 1900 – 4200 BP is very significant in the history of India. in Brief :

  1. This period affected even the most remote untouched regions : Even Isolated tribes of Bhil , Palliyar , Chamar got genetic admixture.
  2. This period is Early Rig-Veda period – where the Jati & Varnashram – these ideas were Not Prevalent – Gene study points to that direction too.
  3. The Indus valley style of Urban Living was dismantled & India moved towards a village based agrarian economy – This could have killed the Indus Valley Civilization.
  4. This period the Gangetic  & other River Based population expansion was observed – cities like Varanasi was established.


By The End of This admixture era – came an era of Endogamy , Jati , Varna – during the end of this era the Manu Smriti (Manu Rules) were composed & sub-continent moved to a strict intra-caste marriage. 



Further Reads –


The origins of Indians What our genes are telling us. – BY SRINATH PERUR

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