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Ladakh Festivals Calendar

chaam mask dance at ladakh festivals

Ladakh Festival Calendar is important to one who wants to capture and feel the culture of Ladakh. This hamlet of trans-Himalayas is well known for their rich, vibrant and colorful culture.  The daily life of Ladakhi people in a town may look more western dressed up to fit the today’s world, but a festival will surely be ethnic as it was 100 years ago. During the festival, the locals get dressed up in traditional clothes, where men wear cummerbunds and women wear vibrant headgears and loads of jewelry. 

The most mysterious form of celebration is the mystic mask dance. The Lamas perform sacred masked dance, known as Chaam, while they are accompanied by musical drums, longhorns, and cymbals.  The Mask Dances of Ladakh are referred collectively as chams Performance. Chams performance is a fundamental a part of the Tantric tradition. Chams are performed only in the monasteries that practice Vajrayana teachings of tantric Buddhism.

The word Gustor means festival in Ladakh. The name of the location, more specifically the monastery, as a prefix to gustor will define the name of the festival. Ladakhis follow lunar calendar to determine the dates of the festivals. That’s why a slight deviation may occur from below expected dates of festivals.  We will update the dates as we are informed of any such changes.  Have a look and plan your vacation accordingly to join a journey of cultural Ladakh.


Name of festival201820192020
Spituk GustorJan 3-4Jan 3-4Jan 22-23
Stongde GustorJul 1-2July 20-21July 8-9
DosmocheyLeh/LikirFeb 13-14Feb 2-3Feb 21-22
Deskit GustorOct 7-8Oct 26-27Oct 14-15
Stok Guru TseschuFeb 24-25Feb 14-15Mar 3-4
Matho NagrangMar 1-2Feb 18-19Mar 8-9
Sindhu DarshanMid of Jun -Jul Mid of Jun -Jul Mid of Jun -Jul
Saka DawaMay 2917 JunJun-05
Hemis TseschuJun 23-24Jul 11-12Jun 30-Jul 1
Yuru KabgyadJun 11-12Jun 29-30Jun 18-19
Karsha GustorJul 11-12Jul 30-31Jul 18-19
Phyang TserupJul 11-12Jul 30-31Jul 18-19
Korzok gustorJul 15-16Aug 3-4Jul 23-24
Dakthok TsechuJul 22-23Aug 10-11Jul 29-30
Sani Naro NasjalJul 26-27Aug 14-15Aug 2-3
Shachukul GustorJun 30- Jul 1Jul 19-20Jul 7-8
Ladakh Festival 1st to Mid Sep1st to Mid Sep1st to Mid Sep
Thiksay GustorOct 27-28Nov 15-16Nov 3-4
Chemday AngchokNov 5-6Nov 24-25Nov 13-14
Galdan NamchotDec 02Dec 21Dec-10
LosarDec 8Dec 15Dec-15


ladakh festivals calender

ladakh festivals at Hemis

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