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Best Himalayan trek for beginners

I have worked as exploration leader and managed multiple groups in Himalaya with beginners or 1st-time trekkers. Many of them successfully completed the trek and made me realized a fact – That any trek can be your 1st trek irrespective of the grade of the trek. And if you are one looking for an answer to the similar question like – What can be the best Himalayan trek for beginners? OR  Can chadar be my 1st trek? Or Can I go to Goecha La as a beginner?

 I will suggest a rational though steps to get an answer by ownself.

  • Why do you want to trek? – Ask yourself, before you start your trek. Anybody can trek but everybody doesn’t fall in love with. There are hundreds of people who don’t find it reasonable to spend money for the walk and the hardships associated with it. Even though a few of them are an extreme nature lover. On the other side, there are many people who just love to stay close to nature. No matter how hard to be there. A few like the rhythm of the walk to explore deep inside nature. Also, a lot take it more as a sport and loves the sense of achievements after completion. This is important to know as I have seen people realized that the effort is not worth it for a great looking profile pic of any social media.
  • So, which genre of people you belong to? – If you have realized own self, nothing better than that. But if you didn’t, then the only way to know is to start a trek.
  • Which trail can be my 1st trek? – I will suggest choosing based on your interest. What are you looking for? For example: If you like to realize the vastness of Himalaya from eagle eye view goes for – Singalila Pass Trek – via Phoktey Dara, Phalut & Sandakphu – RockyFeet Or if you like to explore a magical green forest of Himalaya, you may opt for Kanchendzonga national park. Forget about the difficulty level of the trek, choose an adventure you want to live and prepare yourself for it. Your attitude is the key to success.
  • Still, it’s better to start with an easy to moderate grade instead of a most difficult level. Actually, any trek can be your 1st trek if you prepare well.  But still, you may wise by choosing an easy or moderate grade trek to start with.  Since you didn’t experience the game yet, more complexity or demanding nature of the trail may spoil your enjoyment. And the enjoyment, the feeling of a delightful lifetime experience, is the purpose to start a trek, so you shouldn’t lose it. No matter how prepared you are, you can’t get an exact idea of preparation required in terms of you unless you have trekked earlier. As all of us have a different physical & mental fitness and endurance level.   Nothing prepares you better for a trek than a trek.
  • Prepare well: 1st or 100th, whatever the count it may, you need to prepare well for a trek. You need to prepare to develop both physical & mental endurance. Read detail: How to prepare mental endurance &  How to prepare for a trek the physical endurance.   That’s only way you can keep hiking most of your life. Preparation is not only the prevention of injuries or other hazards during a trek. Preparation is the key to a successful completion of a magical experience you are going to cherish throughout your life, a trek.
  • Choice of a good trekking operator:  It is important. As for the 1st time, you are getting involved in the world of the trek, a smooth operation with help you focus on the walk more than other hassles.  An experienced pre-trek assistance and knowledge-driven on-field leadership will help you know more and get involved in the trek better. A team, who will groom you as a responsible trekker in future.  Read detail about How to choose a trekking company?

My choice of a few treks to start with;

West Bengal:






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