November 21, 2016 Boro

Top 5 winter treks Himalaya, India

Top 5 winter treks Himalaya, India? Okey let me try to answer this majorly asked question based on my experience I will suggest the following order;

How To Prepare for a trek, The Mental Endurance
Bali pass trek | Tons to Yamuna | A close look at Badarpoonch
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Boro Now it is more than a decade I am exploring Himalaya and other landscapes of the subcontinents. I don't leave a single chance of adventure that comes on my way and allows me to stay closer to mother nature. I played with air, earth, and water. But climbing up through the high white mountain is my favorite one. I am curious about almost everything and anything that passes by my travel . And I keep studying about them. I am passionate and shy too on my venture with photography. It is a way, I express myself. I enjoy my role as an Exploration Leader at RockyFeet and thankful to be a part of Himalayan Conservation Actions of the society.

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